Welcome to Hephzibah Farms!



At Hephzibah Farms we raise a variety of different animals. We raise these animals with the utmost respect and believe that happy and healthy animals will help create happy and healthy people. We strive to provide our customers with high quality food and we hope that with each passing year the quality of our food increases.

We raise grass-fed beef. All of our cattle are raised outdoors on high quality pastures or fed hay when pastures are not available (such as in the winter). This beef is lean and extremely tasty. We practice management-intensive grazing by rotating our cattle through different paddocks in order to keep the grass in a high quality, vegetative state.

Additionally, we produce pastured eggs from our pastured poultry. These eggs are extremely nutritious and have a deep orange yolk to prove it. The chickens eat a healthy diet of grass and bugs in addition to a feed which consists of natural GMO-free ingredients.

We also produce range-raised pork from our pigs which are raised outdoors on wooded pastures. The pigs are able to find an abundance of nuts and grubs to eat along with plenty of fresh forage. The pigs are rotated through different paddocks in order to ensure adequate rest time for the paddocks and to ensure plenty of fresh food for the pigs. The pigs are also fed a feed which consists of natural GMO-free ingredients.

All products are available for pickup from the farm on a seasonal basis. We offer eggs year-round, and we offer beef and pork in the fall.